Experience and challenge lead to the Creativity

The MEP engineering services are the means to bring forth occupant comfort, movements, communications and many facilities in the building. We carry out these vital services in synergy with architectural, structural and façade engineers. All data and drawings are smoothly transferred between MEP engineers and others through BIM (Building information Managements).

Our MEP engineering approach is based on the global challenges to improve new techniques to rethink energy conservation, reduce environmental contamination and global warming.

In parallel to client’s needs and architectural requirements, we thrive on problem-solving and in high response to comply with new revised Building Regulations, international standards and LEED to maintain the CO 2 emissions in extreme low levels in our atmosphere.

Our optimal MEP engineering services provide our clients the timely and creative solutions that lead to reduce the total amount of construction budget noticeably and minimize the maintenance cost of the building operations along the design life.

Our MEP Engineering Services

  • • HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning) Engineering
  • • Building Commissioning


  • • Firefighting system: FM-200 system, Novec-1230 system, wet sprinkler system, Hydrant System etc.
  • • Fire detection system: laser beam detectors, Ionization detectors and VESDA.
Fire stop system in Dubai